Common US Spiders


For those of you hikers and outdoorsmen, take a quick look at the image below to familiarize your self with the common spiders in the states..  Click Here To Get The Best Survival Medical Course… Check Out These Mind Blowing Survival Skills… See what is happening in this country and what you can do to protect

Plants That Purify Your Home


Take a trip to your local hardware or plant nursery to pick up some of these plants below. It is impossible to know what sorts of things we are exposed to on a daily basis. It is nice to know that these plants below can help us with by purifying our air and reducing those

Forgotten Fire starter, For When You Have Nothing…


Fire is part of the 4 core survival pillars (Shelter, Water, Fire Food). Today, we will focus on an ancient fire starting technique. It’s important to preserve ancient survival methods. While this method takes patience and practice, it is important to know just incase you are caught unprepared in a survival situation. Click Here To Get