Simply Homegrown [eBook]

Click the link below to download Simply Homegrown: Tips for growing your own food

Inside You’ll Learn:

  • Why Growing Your Own Food Will Always Be Better Than Store Bought…
  • Growing Food Indoors…
  • The 1 Weird Food That Will Give You More Protein Per Square Foot Than Any Other…
  • Utilizing The Limited Space You Have For Gardening
  • And Much, Much, More

Download Simply Homegrown

Simply Homegrown Tips for Growing Your Own Food_6-14

Having problems downloading or printing?
First make sure you have adobe .pdf reader. You can download that free here:
Try “Right-Click, Save Link As” to download.
To print, you can navigate through your File >> Print… or look for the print icon in the lower right-hand corner of the .pdf document when viewing.

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4 thoughts on “Simply Homegrown [eBook]

  1. Nice job with the ebook – you packed quite of information into a small book! Also, loved the fact that you directed people to other sources to study further if they desired. Again – good job!

    be safe and healthy – sherry

  2. Good intro! When will the rest be available? Can never have enough good reference, self-help books!!

  3. Very good starter pamphlet. We moved to Costa Rica so we have fair amount of great food raised right in our town but what I would like to grow sometimes is a problem getting seeds or starter plants & you can’t just order on line here as many things are banned to bring in. I haven’t been here long enough to know resources yet & not speaking Spanish is a real burden
    What I have done here is plant seeds from squash, watermelon,tomatoes etc & spraying them with vinegar to keep bugs off.
    What I’ve planted so far I’ve planted in large planters to keep ground bugs to a minimum & hopefully keep iguanas & larger animals out. Just learning as I go.

    Thank you for the starter pamphlet.

  4. With everything going on in the good to know ill have something t o fall back on. Thank. You.

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