DIY Clones  

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  Downtime in the garden can really kill your productivity and efficiency.  Cloning plants, such as tomatoes, will greatly reduce the time, space, and resources like potting soil.  It will also give you a more predictable result, since you are not starting seeds with unknown traits, but cloning only the best plants in your garden. 

Harvesting Rainwater (Video)


I love to see how real-life homesteads operate, and of course YouTube is great for this. Seeing different rainwater collection setups is particularly appealing, and I really enjoyed this short little video on this guy’s simple rainwater catchment system. Catchment is something that doesn’t have to be too complicated and that can benefit your homestead

Great Depression Era Dandelion Salad (Video)

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I found this awesome YouTube channel recently called “Great Depression Cooking”, which features a 94-year-old woman, Clara, going through common recipes used during the Great Depression. I thought this particular video on dandelion salad was great for homesteaders to know, or anyone really, because it’s simple, nutritious, and almost everyone has dandelion growing in their