Harvesting Rainwater (Video)

I love to see how real-life homesteads operate, and of course YouTube is great for this. Seeing different rainwater collection setups is particularly appealing, and I really enjoyed this short little video on this guy’s simple rainwater catchment system. Catchment is something that doesn’t have to be too complicated and that can benefit your homestead or garden greatly, once you start to collect rainwater you’ll see every drop of rain on the ground as a wasted resource! Enjoy this short, informative video on a basic rainwater catchment system that anyone can enjoy!

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One comment on “Harvesting Rainwater (Video)

  1. I am using food grade plastic barrels with fiberglass screen on top secured by circular metal clamp which came with the barrel. Some debris gets inside.Winter is coming so will need to put it in storage for winter. Will water stored be ok to use in Spring?

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