Tips for Surviving a Tornado

Tornadoes cause devastation across Midwestern states each year. Unfortunately, people die in these storms, so it makes sense for you and your family to be as prepared as possible if you live in or are visiting states that are in the path of tornadoes.

Although you might not have too much warning before the storm hits, the experts are getting better at predicting tornadoes. Always listen for tornado alerts and messages and follow the instructions provided. Keep aware of the way the weather changes and stay inside. You can often tell that a storm is on the way by the color of the sky. It becomes dark, and in some cases, dark green. There may be large hail and strong wind. Of course, there’s also the typical tornado funnel.

Your goal should be to head for a storm shelter or a basement. Those who live in mobile homes or who are in vehicles should make it their priority to get to a secure building and then to take shelter inside. If you are stuck outside, you need to get as low as possible. look for a ditch and lay down inside of it. However, do not go under bridges or overpasses, as this could put you in even more danger.

Once the storm subsides, it doesn’t mean you are safe quite yet. There could be injuries you need to attend to, and there could be downed power lines. Remember that the structures around you could be damaged, which could make them dangerous.

Consider having an emergency bag as well, which contains extra water, food, and some first aid gear, just in case you are trapped in place for a while. A tornado is always frightening, but with the right knowledge, you can increase your chance of coming out of the situation unscathed.

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