Campsite Chores for Kids

Running your home efficiently takes effort from everyone. In the same way, a campsite is set up and maintained much easier if everyone pitches in. But when you are only camping a few times a year, it can be hard to know exactly what chores you can assign to children, and which you should handle yourself. This list will help you find duties that your children can do based on their age or relative ability level:kids

Younger children can help remove rocks, twigs, and leaves from the campsite area. Be sure that they focus on the fire pit, getting any kind of debris away from where you’ll eventually be lighting a fire. They can also help pick up small kindling, or collect rocks to weigh down tarps or tent corners. Any chores that they do at home, such as helping collect dirty dishes after dinner, can also be performed while camping.

Older children can collect firewood, help put up the tent, hang up wet clothing or gear, set up chairs, and begin learning how to start and maintain a fire. If your children are already learning to cook at home, campsite cooking is a great skill for them to learn. They could also collect water, and even filter it through your filtration system.

Certain chores, such as gathering trash left by previous campers, or having the ultimate responsibility for putting out the fire, should be left to the adults. Trash may have dangerous glass or other debris, and campfire safety is too important to leave solely in the hands of a child, no matter their age.

With everyone pitching in around the campsite, you’ll find that you can avoid the dreaded “working vacation” syndrome. Instead, you’ll enjoy the trip as much as anyone else, and return to your daily life relaxed and refreshed.

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