10 Ways to Reuse Citrus Peels

Reusing things is more than just a habit for self-sufficient homesteaders; it’s an essential part of living. Food scraps are often tossed to animals, or composted for great gardening material. But there are many ways that you can reuse citrus peels,citrus including lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and limes.

1. Create an eco-friendly cleaning solution by tossing lemon peels into a re-sealable container, and adding just enough vinegar to cover the peels. After two weeks, the mixture will have taken on the smell of the lemons.

2. Small pieces of lemon peel scattered around windowsills and other thresholds will help keep ants out of the home.

3. Lemon peels can be used to polish chrome, copper, brass, and stainless steel.

4. Leftover orange or lemon peels can be baked until they are darkened and dried, and then used as a natural fire starter.

5. Boil orange peels, and then strain the peels out of the water. This liquid becomes a natural glass cleaner that won’t leave streaks like some vinegars. Toss the peels into the garbage disposal when you’re done to make your sink smell great.

6. Cut up citrus peels of any sort can be added to brown sugar to keep it moist.

7. Adding dried, chopped citrus peels to tea makes a flavorful treat that brightens up your afternoon break.

8. Citrus is a great bug repellant. Fill a small herb pot with soil, coffee grounds, and some dried citrus peels. Plant your starter herb, and place on the picnic table, or near the window. Bugs won’t come near it.

9. Make a citrus-infused oil to use for cooking.

10. Dried lemon, lime, or orange peels added to either salt or sugar can make a wonderful skin cleanser. Try this one out for gifts next time the holidays roll around.

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