Age-Appropriate Farm Chores for Kids

If you’re getting started with a family homestead, one of the things you’ll have to learn very quickly is how to delegate. Even a small farm takes a ton of work, and one person can’t do it all. Whether you pay an allowance, or simply make chores a part of learning life skills, yourfarmChore kids should be a part of caring for your family homestead. If you have younger children, there are still plenty of ways that they can help out around the farm.

Pre-School Aged Children

While you may have to help 2- or 3-year-olds with some of the delicate jobs, getting kids started young is a great way to help them get interested in the world around them. Doing simple chores beside you as you do your own allows them to learn, develop motor and language skills, and spend some quality time with you. They can:

•    Pull weeds (with direction)
•    Collect eggs
•    Plant seeds and help water plants
•    Help feed and water smaller animals (calm family pets are a good place to start)
•    Pick up sticks or rocks from the yard or garden
•    Sweep leaves or dirt off the walkway or patio

Elementary Aged Children

As children grow past the age of five, they can often begin taking on more responsibility with less direction. Anything listed above should be chores they can do on their own by now. Additionally, they could also:

•    Feed and water animals
•    Rake the yard
•    Assist with laundry
•    Clean small animal pens
•    Bathe animals
•    Harvest vegetables

Middle School Aged Children and Up

By the age of 10, children can:

•    Mow the yard
•    Help build or repair fences or enclosures
•    Milk animals
•    Clean large animal pens
•    Hang laundry unassisted
•    Assist with medical care for animals
•    Operate machinery

Every child is different, so it’s important to allow your child to move up in responsibility only as their development allows. These lists should give you a good idea of how easy daily homestead management can be when your whole family pitches in.

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  1. Age 10 is still too young to operate machinery. They aren’t old enough for that kind of responsibility and do not recognize safety issues.

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