5 Survival Foods That Virtually Last Forever


When stocking up a survival stash, it’s important to maximize your space with items that will last the longest. Below is a list of items that will virtually last forever…

1.Dried Beans

Dried beans are probably one of the most common items to stock up on, and for good reason. When kept away from moisture and light, they can last for decades. Vacuum sealing is a great option for storing beans, as they keep best in an absence of oxygen.

2. Vinegar

Due to its high acidity, vinegar will last essentially forever. Vinegar is a great item to stock up on for any long-term survival situation, because it can be used as a disinfectant and all-purpose food preservative for other food items that might not last so long on their own.

3. Salt

Like vinegar, salt is also a food preservative with many practical applications that will keep indefinitely. Not to mention, it’s always going to be your first choice for making bland survival food more tasty. All you need is to protect it from moisture, of course (because we all know plenty of salt doesn’t pour when it rains!)

4. Honey

Honey lasts so long, it has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Unless it gets exposed to moisture, it will pretty much last forever. Just keep it stored in an airtight container. And amazingly, while it may crystallize or change color, it will remain edible for possibly hundreds of years.

5. Rice

Rice is quite possibly the ultimate survival food. Like honey, rice has also been found in Egyptian tombs. Most varieties (other than brown rice, which is more perishable due to its high fat content) will last indefinitely, especially when stored in a cool, dry place.

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