Five Things That Are Better Analog

One of the challenges of homesteading is getting off the grid completely, and the less your life is digitized, the more possible this is. Americans are quickly losing the last traces of self reliance by using digital everything, from media, newspapers, communication to even their home appliances and cars. Here are a list of a few items that are always more reliable analog, that you might as well stick to, especially if you plan on living 0ff-grid at some point.


While most analog clocks are still battery-operated, there are also still clocks out there that only need to be wound up, like people have been using for centuries. Not to mention even simple sundials. While most people use their cellphones as watches, there’s no reason not to keep some form of analog clock in your home.


For disaster preparedness, it’s always a good idea to keep an analog radio around. Radio has been used for decades analog-radio
for simple forms of communication and as we get more and more used to the rapid-response nature of cell phones and internet, it may be prudent to keep a traditional radio around, just in case.


E-readers can be great, but no matter how plugged in we get, many people still prefer the simple pleasure of a physical book. From a practical perspective, keeping books with vital homesteading and survival information could be crucial one day. Digital devices will always fail and many homesteads don’t have constant internet access-or any at all-so if you plan on long-term, self-reliant homesteading, plan on building a library well-stocked with guides, resources and even your favorite novels.


Digital note-taking can be very convenient but, like books, notebooks can be far more reliable in the long-term. If you keep an ongoing collection of practical or even creative notes, you might want to consider transferring the information you want to last to physical form, for the same reason as keeping physical books-digital forms of information will always eventually fail. 


Most new cars have computers which are very convenient in our highly-connected world, but not-so-convenient for at-home repair and modification. There used to be a day when the average person could work on and get to know the function of their vehicle and keep it running for decades.

analog-carLook at Cuba-cut off from Western car manufacturers since the 60s, Cuban citizens have kept their old classic American-made cars running with little more than basic tools and salvaged car parts. If you don’t want to be tethered to the unreliable technology of today, it might be worth investing in an older analog car for your homestead.




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