Monsanto or Organics: Who Should You Trust? (Infographic)

The notorious ago-giant Monsanto has been genetically modifying foods, dominating the agricultural industry and putting small farmers out of business with ridiculous lawsuits over their crops being cross-pollinated with Monsanto GM seeds for decades. But they have a a frighteningly massive influence over the media and government (the USDA is a revolving door of Monsanto employees going in and out, but that’s another post), so if you are someone you know is a skeptic, here is a very informative infographic on who we should trust with our food source, originally published on


*Superfund is a United States federal government program designed to fund the cleanup of sites contaminated with hazardous substances and pollutants. It was established by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA).

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17 thoughts on “Monsanto or Organics: Who Should You Trust? (Infographic)

  1. We R very much against Monsanto. This company wants to wipe out organic farming w/there toxic, chemical seeds. I don’t know about you but I refuse to eat anything that is not organic. We will fight to the end and tell everyone we know about tis Monsanto. Big $$$, big profits. Do you really think that this company cares about your health or the health of your families? Of course not. We must keep on fighting for our cause. I do not want agent orange or bovine hormones in the food that I eat. So many people think this is good, but these people have not really done any research; instead they are trusting our gov’t and what the gov’t is telling them about Monsanto. I talked to a few senators & they thought GMO’S were good for them, but after speaking with them for a long time they all admitted they really knew very little how toxic GMO’S really are. Instead these men were trusting the gov’t. We cannot do that any longer. I remember years ago when I was on a team fighting against having fluoride in the water. So many people said it was good for you, so if it was so good why then was in banned in Europe? Now even dentists are not using fluoride treatments for they finally realized how toxic it is for their patients.

    1. The dentists where I live still advocate the use of fluoride…in toothpastes (especially for sensitive teeth), whitening treatments, and in the water supply. A friend who is a trained RN, holistic healer, herbalist and whole-food advocate has lobbied for the removal of fluoride from the water supply and has gotten nowhere. She’s fought hard, but the dentists (and “conventional” thinking) rule in this rural, non-forward-thinking area. I’m currently pricing whole house water filters that will remove both the chlorine and fluoride from the water in our house (my husband thinks I’m a nut). It’s crazy expensive to purchase such units, but the alternative is to continue suffering from the the skin and thyroid issues that plaque so many in this area. Sad. I too avoid all GMO’s and eat only organic…purchased through CSA’s and at local farms that grow using organic standards. We definitely have to be our own advocates and not trust what the government tells us is safe.

      1. I told my dentist that did not want to use the fluoride mouth wash. you would have thought I just grew 2 more heads. The staff was very concerned my teeth would fall out any second.

      2. Chari, I’ve gone even one step further. I am now seeing a naturopath who is treating me for Paxil withdrawal. My Family practitioner has never regulated me and never told me how to get off the drug safely after being on it for 20 plus years. It wreaked havoc on my thyroid. My withdrawal symptoms were horrendous. I’m so much better now. We all have to clean house not just with food but who we use medically. Big Pharma is out for us also. Beware!!!!

      3. I used to sell water filters, but distillation, though time consuming, is well worth it. Just add liquid minerals afterward. They’re absorbable, unlike hard tap water minerals. Lack of minerals are a major cause of illness and disease. I have no business interest, but I use ConcenTrace, taken from the Great Salt Lake. Haven’t needed a doctor in 30 years. And the water is delicious, after adding the minerals. Otherwise, distilled water is obviously tasteless.

      4. Charlene, a few years ago at a convention of the Cancer Control Society, I had a one-on-one chat with David Kennedy, a San Diego-based dentist (now retired, I believe). Some years earlier, I had attended a presentation he gave on a trip his organization made to China (at their request) to rework some of their water wells. It seems the natural fluoride was so extensive that villagers were walking around bent over 90 degrees (he showed pictures) and in constant pain. Dr. K. told me that one reason we can’t get rid of fluoride is that there is no practical use for it after it is created as a byproduct of fertilizer and pesticide industries, and it’s too toxic to dump in oceans, even if diluted 100:1. So it’s too poisonous to discard — therefore they SELL it to utility companies for us to drink. Go figure.

  2. The way I see it: You can protect your health and pay more for organic healthy foods or save a few dollars and eat the chemically altered foods that offer no nutrients and pay later when you’re older for meds that will also decrease your health and wellness. The focus is on the last 10 years of your life. How do you want to spend them? Enjoying life outside and moving about freely or in a wheelchair or bed looking out a window imagining what the sun and the weather feels like from memory; if the meds haven’t altered that too!

    1. These poisonous foods do not wait for older age to have their debilitating effects on bodies! People of all ages are unhealthy. Diabetes and cancer and other diseases are rampant! It also affects heart, liver, kidneys, and also brains. Yes, people are big and appear to be strong, but how many people in their 20’s and 30’s have the strength to do all the things their

  3. When you play God, its like opening Pandora’s box, you loose nourishment, quality, for quantity, it will never work, you can’t play with Gods creation!

  4. I detest what Monsanto and other industrial food and chemical companies are doing to our society and the environment. I supported efforts to scuttle the DARK act. I eat organic and urge others to do so as well. But, from what I’ve seen on the Hudson Institute web site, I too am a right-wing conservative, concerned with restoring the founders’ ideals of liberty and citizen sovereignty. I don’t agree that capitalism is evil and socialism is noble–just the opposite.

    I’ve written to the Hudson Institute asking them to respond in detail to your accusation that they are in bed with Monsanto to resist organic for production and encourage GMOs. I also asked if they support the right of consumers to know, without burdensome searching, if food is or contains GMOs. If they don’t give me a satisfactory answer, then I will strongly admonish them for the stark contradiction between standing for liberty and yet supporting concealment of information to consumers about the food they are buying.

    Liberty, if it means anything, means open access to information relevant to our lives and the protection thereof. As We the People are the sovereign of the uS of A (unlike citizens of other otherwise free nations), information from our servant government is all the more relevant to us. Our sovereignty should mean We the People decide our servant government’s jurisdiction; our servants don’t decide ours. Questions?

    1. We have not been able to win in Congress, but there are other routes. We need to boycott the Supermarkets who sell these poisons! I have found most supermarkets to be sensitive to their customers’ requests, and now most have an organic section. The new labels on foods will not provide the info we need to choose, so we must all boycott all of those improperly labeled foods. The producers do have a choice to add info to the new labels. If they refuse, then we must refuse to buy their products. We must get the word out to every customer to not buy food with the new labels!

  5. Back around 1999 or so, at a convention, an officer of Monsanto (referred to by a doctor I once consulted as Mt. Satan) stood up and said the company’s aim was to have control of all seeds by 2009 and that all seeds would be not just GM but also would be “terminator seeds.” “Terminator seeds” are engineered so that they will not germinate if harvested and planted the following season. This way, the grower (be it a large farm or an individual) would be forced to go back to a Mt. Satan-backed vendor and buy all new seeds the next year.

    They pulled this with corn and other grains in India, where something like 20,000 farmers were committing suicide each year because they could no longer afford to grow crops if they had to buy new seed every year.

    Fortunately, Mt. Satan did not succeed in gaining control of all seeds and forcing terminator seeds upon us. I love corn but do not eat it because I know that about 95% of all corn (and soy) grown in the US is GM.


      1. Organic corn is O.K. Because of glyphosate, there is little chromium in non-organic corn to activate insulin. But organic corn is not saturated with glyphosate and does have the chromium to activate insulin, the cobalt to make B-12, and the other nutrients needed for a healthy immune system. Assuming it was grown in soil not previously used to grow GMOs.


  6. Refer to USA TODAY Friday August 12, page 7A; Organic food: great business, bad investment. There is no robust evidence to support the preception that organically produced foods are more nutritious.


  7. You don’t have to fight in congress, the choices you make wether it’s buying USA made or corn you buy will ultimately make the change, just ask Kelloggs or General Mills lower sales forces change really quickly

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