The Health Benefits of Raw Milk

Raw milk is simply amazing. Most milk you will find in grocery stores, however, has been pasteurized, losing many of the benefits raw milk has. Raw milk has been under attack in recent decades, highly regulated and even illegal to sell in some states. But if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the many states that still allow the sale of raw milk for human consumption, you can reap its health benefits. Here are just a few reasons to find a local farmer to buy some from today.

It’s only milk

Milk in stores often contains additives, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics and added synthetic vitamin D. Raw milk is just milk, right from the cow, often within a few days of your purchasing it. Not to mention, it’s typically organic. As you’ll read more below, raw milk from small farms is normally grazed and organic.

Farm fresh and local

Most raw milk comes from dairy cows at small family farms, meaning they are pastured. Grass-fed meat and dairy is far superior to the more common industrial grain-fed alternative, as grass is what cow’s stomachs were designed to digest and there are far more nutrients available to them in fresh grass. It’s also very environmentally-friendly; grass-fed milk has a much lower carbon footprint than a feedlot farm cow.

Raw milk is also local-most likely very local-and you can buy from the farmer directly. It is very cool to hand the person who milked the cow that you’re buying the milk from your money-a locavore’s dream.

It’s nutritious

Raw milk contains the enzyme lactase which helps our bodies break down the lactose in the milk. This enzyme is no longer available in pasteurized milk. So when we digest pasteurized milk, the enzymes already available in our stomach are often depleted which can wreak havoc on the digestive system. Gut health is crucial for overall health, so this is why consumption of dairy is often attributed to a multitude of health issues-but raw milk counteracts this. It also contains healthy fats, bioavailable vitamins that are also often depleted during pasteurization, and has been known to reduce allergies in many happy drinkers of raw milk. Read more about the nutritional benefits of raw milk here. 

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