From Fleece to Yarn (Video Series)

Some homesteading projects are so much better explained visually, when you can see the whole process, start-to-finish. Shearing sheep, processing the wool and spinning it into yarn is such a classic self-sufficiency skill that, even if you don’t have sheep, you’ll love learning how to do. Just seeing how a brilliantly versatile natural fiber is made using traditional methods will take you back to bygone days. Is there anything more idyllic than spinning wool on a homestead?

I loved watching this series from the YouTube channel, Keeper of the Homestead, on how to shear, clean, process and spin wool. It’s part of a bigger series on homesteading, check out all their videos, there’s lots of great homesteading knowledge and tutorials.

This first video covers shearing the sheep and how to store the wool.

This second video covers washing the wool-a very important part of the process as sheep fleece can be quite dirty!

This video covers “carding” the wool, which is basically combing out the wool to make it smoother and more manageable:

This next video shows “roving” the wool, which is the next step towards spinning:

And finally, this video covers the fun part-spinning!

I just think it is so cool to learn these traditional methods for taking resources from our homestead and turning them into tools and material to use. Because after all, isn’t that the point of homesteading?

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2 thoughts on “From Fleece to Yarn (Video Series)

  1. Thank you so much! Always wondered about this as I had wanted to learn about shearing, prepping & spinning wool! (Wish I lived on a homestead! I live in a city riddled w/crime in an apartment!) What valuable skills! I love to crochet & am hoping to learn to knit by using round & rectangular looms soon! Thank you again! What a wonderful life & how wonderful to have those skills! Much appreciated that you put this in a video!

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