What Breed of Goat Should You Buy? (Infographic)

Goats are such great animals for homesteaders. They can provide milk, meat, weed control, fiber, even company! But of course, not all breeds of goat are the same. Some are better for meat, others for dairy, etc.

This very handy infographic from the excellent homesteading site, The Prairie Homesteader, covers what breed of goat is best for what purpose.

Before buying goats, a very good first step to make is identifying what you want the goats for. This will help you determine the best breed for you. This infographic can serve as a starting point for you, to give you an idea of the most common breeds and their best purposes.

You’ll want to take into account your area, the size of the space you have for the goats, a need for structure, their medical needs, etc. as well, so consider these factors as well when researching goat breeds.

Goats are such lovely homestead animals, pick the right breeds for your needs and you’re sure to be very happy with these amazing creatures!


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