Homemade Toothpaste

It’s really fun, wallet-friendly and healthy to make your own personal hygiene products at home. A great place to start is with homemade toothpaste! It’s really easy and cheap, and quite possibly much better for your teeth than conventional toothpaste.

This recipe includes coconut oil, which is great for your teeth. The oil naturally attracts the bacteria that contributes to plaque build-up and decay, and leaves a protective layer on your teeth to help prevent more bacteria from settling on your teeth.

It also includes an optional essential oil, which can kill bacteria as well, and prevent bad breath. One of the nicest sensations from store-bought toothpaste is the refreshing, minty taste it leaves in your mouth, so you can easily mimic that with peppermint essential oil! Tea tree oil, on the other hand, will clean just as effectively and is great at killing germs. You can also use clove oil, which is very effective for cleaning and helps contribute to overall gum health.

Let’s get started!

What you need:

  • A small jar
  • Baking soda
  • Coconut oil
  • Essential oil of choice (peppermint, tea tree, clove, lemon, or oil of choice. Feel free to play around!)

What you do:

  1. Fill about 1/3 of your jar with coconut oil. Begin to pour in your baking soda and combine thoroughly until you get a smooth paste. Bear in mind the consistency will change based on temperature because of the coconut oil, so if your bathroom is warmer than your kitchen, it might turn into liquid, if its colder, it will get more solid. You might want to leave the coconut oil in the bathroom for 24 hours before making the toothpaste so its the same consistency it will be when made into toothpaste and stored in the bathroom.
  2. Once you have a paste that is the consistency you’d like, add your essential oils. How much you add will vary based on the size of your jar, but for a 1 oz jar, about 10-20 drops essential oil will probably be sufficient. Once you’ve added the oils, mix thoroughly again to evenly distribute throughout the paste.
  3. Cover tightly and store in the bathroom. You can apply to your toothpaste using a popsicle stick or small spoon. Use as you would normal toothpaste, adding essential oils as needed if the coconut or baking soda taste is too overwhelming.

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