Supports for Vertical Gardens (Infographic)

Adding vertical support to your garden can be a great way to maximize space and allow crawling and vining plants to do what they do best.

This handy infographic breaks down the types of vertical support and which plants they are best suited for. It was originally published on, along with some gorgeous photographs of garden support systems in action.

When choosing vertical support for your garden, it can be very easy to make your own, if you make sure your support can withstand the weight of the plant that will be climbing it. Make sure it’s secured well in the ground and couldn’t be knocked over by wind or rain. Obviously, you won’t want to stake your vertical support into your garden bed when you have fully mature plants nearby that could have their roots damaged by the structure, but it is a good idea to direct sow the plants you plan to have climb the support so you can get an idea of how man you’ll have. You can of course build it first and then direct sow as well.

Here’s the guide, hope it helps you choose the best vertical support for your garden!


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