What Items Should You Never Compost?

Composting is something that every homesteader should do. It allows you to recycle food and other material and to create richer soil at the same time. However, there are only some items that you should not add to the compost pile. Let’s look at some of the elements that you should not add to the compost pile, as well as the reasons why.

Never put any meat scraps into the compost pile. The same goes for bones. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, it has the potential to attract vermin. In addition, it is going to cause the compost pile to stink. Never put waste from carnivorous animals onto the compost pile either. You can put on regular manure, but you should never put anything from a carnivorous animal – this goes for pets, such as your cats and dogs. The reason for this is simple – it has the potential to add parasites to the compost, which you would then end up putting in the garden and eating.

Do not put any wood that has been chemically treated into the compost pile either. There is a good chance that the chemicals will get into the compost. Do not place walnut shells into the compost pile either. It contains a chemical that can be toxic to certain plants.

Never put oil or grease into the compost pile. It will not break down, and it can cover the other items in the pile, which means they will not break down either. You should not put any weeds in the compost pile, especially if they have seeds. If you do, you are just going to end up with weeds in the garden.

Keep composting, but make sure you know exactly what is going into compost pile each day.


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7 thoughts on “What Items Should You Never Compost?

  1. I bought a nice composter from BJ’s a few years ago. It is one of those put together ones with a hand crank. It works great, but the only thing I wish it was not plastic. I am getting away from as much plastic as I can. Goodbye Tupperware and all of those plastic food containers. I have changes back to glass.

    1. Hi Kelly, if you are experiencing gas and or bloating try doing a few of things that may identify the root cause of the bloating….1 don’t eat your meals and consume beverages or drinks at the same time 2. Don’t combine vegetables and fruits at the same time…eat one for breakfast and another for lunch or dinner. 3. Remove dairy products from your diet 4. Take a walk after you eat your meals 5. Chew your food longer before swallowing , my mom calls it mastication….try these for 30 days straight you ll see the difference. I’m just speaking from personal experience…

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