How to Kill Microbes

How often do you think about microbes and other types of infectious pathogens? If you are learning to survive and trying to be more self-sufficient, then you might think about this more than the average person. Still, you may not understand how to deal with these types of infectious pathogens and microbes properly. In many cases, utilizing things such as antibiotics and antimicrobials will work to deal with microbes.

In fact, you can find quite a few items in the store, including a variety of name brand cleaners, that have antimicrobial properties. Of course, if you only rely on these commercial products, you won’t know how to be self-sufficient if that time ever comes when you need to be. Fortunately, there are a number of very simple methods to help kill microbes, which will help to prevent disease and improve health of you and your family. Let’s look at a few of the different methods you can use.

Fresh Air

Experiments have shown that it is possible to kill bacteria simply by exposing it to fresh air. By exposing pathogenic bacteria to fresh air for about two hours, it has the potential to kill most of the bacteria. These are relatively old methods, but they are tried-and-true and still work today.

Of course, they are not the only methods used to deal with microbes. Let’s look at some of the other simple and effective ways that you can reduce the number of potentially dangerous microbes in your home right now.

Cleaning the Sponges and Towels

Chances are you have quite a few sponges and towels around the kitchen, and these can be a haven for bacteria. Namely, because they can stay wet and they are porous, which means there are plenty of places that bacteria can hide and grow. With your sponges, you could put them in a pool of water and put in the microwave for two minutes. You could also boil water and then pour it over the sponges while they are sitting in the same. You can wash the towels in hot water, or you can boil them as you can the sponges.

Keep Everything as Clean as Possible

You should strive to keep all areas of the home as clean as possible. This is true in a day-to-day situation in home or while you are camping, as well as any survival situation. By keeping things clean, you significantly reduce the chance of infection.


Microbes tend to gather on people and spread from person-to-person quite easily. The human hand is quite dirty, so washing hands with soap and water and then drying them with a clean towel can help reduce the number of microbes being spread to the home significantly. If you handle any poultry, meat, or eggs, then you should wash your hands immediately after.

Everybody wants to be happy and healthy. You will find that a little cleanliness will go a long way in making sure you and your family are protected from microbes.

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