Are Vertical Farms The Future Of Agriculture?

The future of agriculture

When space is tight and the demand for food is high, vertical farms might be the best answer. Check out this piece from PBS on the subject.

Here are some fun facts about vertical farms. If you are interested in building your own vertical farm, are some alternative or unique supports you could use to get started.

How to get started with Aquaponics.

Vertical Farming

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8 thoughts on “Are Vertical Farms The Future Of Agriculture?

  1. I’m already doing vertical farming! Check out tower gardens. They use something like 10% of the water normally needed for crops and the electric bill for it will be around $10/year. I’m growing 28 crops in the space of a medium sized tub. I just planted it yesterday and I’m already seeing amazing growth in 24 hours. My understanding is that my lettuce will be ready in about a month, and the other crops by about two months, and the resulting vegetables are beyond organic.

  2. While these may be practical for places such as Japan. The USA is rich in farmland and would be much like renewable energy good for creating exploratory jobs but a little early to depend on this as a way of life.

    1. More and more of our farmland is being bought by other countries . We need to investigate all forms of growing our foods including growing our own.

  3. Vertical farming is a GREAT, and apparently sustainable idea, as long as the grid is up.
    Suggest generator(s) if the grid goes down!

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