Nutritional Supplements for Off-Grid Homesteaders

Most people associate homesteading with healthy living.  This isn’t without cause, most homesteaders have a higher level of physical activity than those living a typical modern sedentary life, fresh and air and sun, and a more direct relationship to their food.  But homesteaders, especially off-grid homesteaders, will be functioning off of limited resources, and this will sometimes include their access to nutrient-rich foods.  When your homestead is not able to supply your nutritional needs your body is going to suffer, if your body suffers, your output suffers, and if your output suffers it will inevitably follow that your homestead will suffer.  This is a list of a few supplements to consider for your nutritional needs to keep you healthy and your output high, so you can keep your homestead growing.


Daily Multivitamin

It wouldn’t be a homestead if it didn’t have a garden, but your garden might not be supplying all your nutritional needs.  Even a well-established garden with a well-rounded crop selection will still slow it’s production in the winter.  And even those who preserve a lot of their garden’s produce will still not be eating the same amount of vegetables in the winter that they did in the summer.  A simple daily multivitamin can fill in the gaps for you, and when stored properly will last.

Green Powder

For all the reasons discussed above, you might not be able to get your body’s required level of fresh greens.  And while daily multivitamins can supply you with vitamins and minerals, there is more to food than its sum of FDA daily recommended nutrients.  Powdered greens can last you throughout the year, because your body doesn’t need less greens during the winter.

Protein Powder

Protein powders are not just for weight lifters; everyone needs protein in their diet.  If you are not getting enough protein your muscles will waste, you will lack energy you need to work, and you will have an increased risk for infection.  For times when your protein needs are not being met by your homesteads food supply, a protein powder is a quick solution that lasts without refrigeration.


Your homestead will only be as productive as the work you put into it.  Likewise, the amount of and quality of work you are able to put into your homestead will only be as much your body can handle.  Keep your body functioning at its optimal level so that you can get the most out of your homestead and the most out of life.

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