How to Make Bone Broth (Video)

This time of year is perfect for bone broth. It’s finally cool enough to have something cooking in your kitchen for a long period of time, and odds are, if you raise animals and are slaughtering some for the winter, you’ll have lots of extra bones lying around. Bone broth is a great way to use up these bones, and it’s incredibly nutritious as well. As flu and cold season rolls around, you’ll be glad to have a nice supply of hearty,  nutritious broth to help you heal. But it’s healthy on a daily basis too, and you can use as a base for other hearty winter dishes like soups, stews, casseroles and sauces.

This helpful video details how to make it, it’s quite simple!


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18 thoughts on “How to Make Bone Broth (Video)

  1. Sound here is terrible. It reverberates around the room like echoes. Try using a man’s voice or at least a female
    voice note pitched so high. This girl’s voice is pitched too high for good sound quality. Better yet, print the recipe. Thanks.

  2. Very difficult to hear – echo in the room especially with her high pitched voice. I would love to have the recipe as it was impossible to know exactly what she was saying.

  3. Very simple – sound not the best but easy enough to understand.
    1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and cover with water.
    Enough bones to cover bottom of pot (not on top of each other – she used ribs)
    1 1/2 hrs in pressure cooker – (12 hours in slow cooker).
    Thanks it – going to try!!

  4. The picture shows 2 onions but in the video she says 1 Tablespoon apple cider and water to cover. 12 hours in conventional cooking or 1-1/2 hours in a pressure cooker. She did not use onions. So what is the actual recipe?

  5. Valuable demonstration, beautiful results in your broth. I think I’ve been using too much water… I use bone broth all year, it goes into many dishes and keeps my 5 year old healthy. Keep up the good work, your voice is not any higher than normal so don’t let these comments discourage you – some people have trouble appreciating the differences in people who they perceive are not the same as them. Again, keep up the valuable work.

  6. The sound was not the best, but OK. The people who complained the most should seek out an audiologist. I am 78 and probably need hearing aids!
    I would have preferred that she didn’t use a pressure cooker since many don’t own one, but almost everyone has a large stockpot.
    If your bones are large bones with marrow pockets, don’t neglect eating or incorporating the scooped-out marrow into the broth.

  7. I use a headset and heard her perfectly well.
    I suppose onions would be good., but how about some grated ginger root or garlic. great for arthritis, etc. eh!

  8. I had no problem hearing you, some people may need hearing aids or turn them down.
    Very good broth but I added onions and garlic to mine, I use onions and garlic in all my stews, broths and soups. The meat on the bones is very good and tasty. Excellent presentation and the pressure cooker was a plus and it does cut down on the cooking time.

  9. Thank you for a lovely presentation! The sound and instruction was very clear. I read that others add onion and garlic, so I may do that as well as I love both flavors. Cannot wait to make this and put my new fancy electric pressure cooker to work !!! Thank you again !

  10. This comes out a lot better if you roast the bones with some salt and pepper for about a 1/2 hr first. Also add a quartered onion, celery and a bouquet of fresh thyme & rosemary

  11. Also add some garlic. I like to make onion soup at the same time and use the beef broth as the broth for the soup…..Yum!

  12. I have made grass fed/free range chicken and grass fed beef bone broth. I fill my 5 gal stock pot 1/2 full of bones (large stock pot) 2-3 chicken carcass’s if you can get the feet do / about 5 lbs beef bones {if using raw bones roast them first at 350 for 30 minutes – tastes better}; 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar – with mother, 2-4 bay leaves, 2 whole onions – {i do cut in half}, 2 cups celery, 4-6 carrots, parsley, 1 tablespoon or more of sea salt, 1 teaspoon peppercorns. Cover the bones and veggies with filtered water and cook. your house will smell wonderful.
    Chicken 24 hours on low in slow cooker and on melt on your stove
    Beef 48 hours in slow cooker or on melt on your stove
    you can also use your oven @200 degrees for same amount of time.

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