3 Ways to Save on Raising a Dog

Dogs can be expensive to keep, but they don’t have to be!  You can maintain a high quality of life for your dog while cutting costs at the same time.  Here are three ways to save money on raising a dog.



The first cost to consider is the price of the dog itself.  A specialty breed can easily cost you thousands of dollars, and that’s just to get the dog.  Then there are the health complications that go along with dogs that have been bred for specific traits.  One the other hand, you can get a rescue dog from your local shelter, through the newspaper, or on Craig’s List  $100.  Not only will you have saved hundreds of dollars off the bat, but you will save thousands in the long run as well with a solid mutt that has a not been inbred for generations.  You will also save a dog’s life, and reduce the demand for unhealthy inbred dogs.  Large dogs also cost more than small dogs, they eat more, need more medicine, destroy toys faster, and can have more joint issues as they age.

Alternative Medicine

Medicine for dogs can be expensive.  But there are alternatives to the typical products for common ailments.  One common and expensive medication for dogs is heartworm treatment.  Depending on the size of your dog, you can spend $500 a year or more on heartworm treatment alone.  And then there are intestinal worms, and other parasites.  A money saving alternative for all parasitic worms is to go to your local farm supply shop or look online for Ivermectrin for cattle.  The active ingredient for nearly all anti-parasitic medicine is the same, only the dosage and price differ.  Be careful when using Ivermectrin with Collies, some people report that their collies have died after treating them with Ivermectrin, but some also report this with standard heartworm medicine because they both contain the same active ingredient.  Do some research into using Ivermectrin with your breed online; pet owner and farm forums can be quite helpful To get accurate dosage and save money on supplies, get diabetic syringes.  The medicine can be given orally, but you need a syringe to remove it from the sterile packaging.


One of the most commonly overlooked costs of a dog is toys.  Quality of life is important! Also, you don’t want an unhappy dog, for one it will cause you trouble by digging holes, destroying furniture, and being more difficult to train.  But store bought dog toys are ridiculously priced.  The cheapest alternative is the age old stick.  Wood is great for dogs to chew on, as are bones.  They clean their teeth and provide them with the satisfaction of destroying something.  Dogs love destroying soft fluffy overpriced toys, but they don’t know what you paid for them so go to the thrift store and grab some second-hand stuffed animals instead.  You can also add a level of fun to the basic game of fetching a ball by putting the ball in an old sock and tying a knot to keep it there.  This will allow the dog to shake it the way it would prey after catching it.


Dogs are great, for companions, security, or working dogs.  Don’t let the potential cost keep you from enjoying all the benefits a dog can bring into your life.  A little planning and thinking outside the box can greatly reduce the costs of keeping a dog, while maintaining all the benefits.

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