Chickens Do More than Just Produce Eggs

If you are new to homesteading, you will find that many who practice this way of living will tell you that you should get some chickens. What is it about chickens that make them so great? Well, in addition to producing eggs, not to mention meat, they have some other benefits as well, and they could be just what your homestead needs.

Chicken waste is full of nitrogen, which is very good for the soil. In fact, chickens can help to produce some of the best manure you can find for your garden. All you need to do is keep your chickens in the area you want fertilized for a couple of days. In addition, chickens are able to remove a wide variety of pests from your garden. They will gleefully eat all of the bugs and pests that would otherwise ruin the plants in your garden.

Chickens can also help to spread out mulch. As they go through the mulch looking for food, they will naturally spread out. Even a small flock of chickens is able to spread out and reduce the mulch pile in no time.

Of course, raising chickens is a bit more complicated than just going out, buying some chickens, and putting them in your yard. You need to do some research so you will have a better understanding of how to raise the chickens properly, what type of housing you need to build, what to feed them, the best breed of chicken, and more. As long as you take the time to understand what it takes to raise them, you can experience all of these benefits.

Now that you know just how beneficial chickens can be, it’s time that you added a few to your home.


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