Vinegar Does it All

When most people think of vinegar they probably think of salad dressings, or pickling, or the quintessential baking soda and vinegar volcano for kids.  But most people would still underestimate vinegar, and in doing so they could waste money and expose them and their families to needless amounts of toxins.  Here are a few ways you can use vinegar in your home to save money on commercial products and reduce the amount of toxins in your home.


Toilet Cleaner

Pouring vinegar in the toilet bowl and letting sit overnight will stop water lines from forming and help disinfect your toilet.  Common products sold for toilet bowl cleaning cost much more than vinegar and come with warning labels about not inhaling vapors from the product or getting it on your skin, let alone ingesting it.

Shower Head Cleaner

If your shower head is covered in white film and spraying in every direction except onto you, this could be due to calcium build up.  You can soak the shower head in vinegar to dissolve the calcium and get your shower head looking and working like new.

Better Coffee

Coffee makers, like shower heads can become clogged with calcium.  They can also have coffee build up and even mold in them.  To clean out your coffee maker, fill it with equal parts vinegar and water and turn it on to brew as normal.

Cleaning Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards can be homes for potentially harmful bacteria.  To clean them without soap that can be absorbed and affect food’s taste use vinegar.  Simply wipe the cutting board down with a generous amount of vinegar and allow it to soak in and dry.


Vinegar is amazing, and this list is by no means a comprehensive example off all of vinegar’s household uses.  Given its affordable price and the fact that it is food grade, you will hard pressed to find a better all-around cleaner for your home.

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