Crock Pot Soap

Making soap at home is a great homestead skill to have. Not only can you make your own all-natural soaps using non-toxic ingredients and even herbs or flowers from your own garden, but you can save money and give your soap as gifts too! You can even make a little money on the side selling them at the farmer’s market or Etsy.

At the very least, soap is a very important aspect of clean healthy living, especially when you’re off-grid. Crock pot soap is an awesome method for soapmaking, and I’ve been meaning to try it out myself. I found this great video tutorial on how to do it, it includes directions for every step of soap making using a crock pot. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Crock Pot Soap

  1. How much oil and lye? 50/50 mix?
    How does the mixture congile?
    Do you pour it into molds to get it square?
    When do you put in the coloring and where and how much?
    Do you emulsify the additives ( like flowers, perfumes etc.)?
    How long till you can safely touch the solution with uncovered hands?
    What’s cleanup like?

    1. I don’t by know about you but all I learned from this video was how to be careful mixing oil with lye. Not a step by step tutorial on how to make soap.

    2. has a soap/lye calculator that will help with measuring out the amounts of oils and lye. There is also a book available called “Smart Soapmaking” Generally speaking, it is safe to touch the soap after about 2 weeks time, but if you are unsure, you should always do a litmus test to see how alkali the solution is. Cleanup is pretty easy, if you allow the crock to sit 24 hours, then it is like washing soap out of a pot.

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