Banana Peels in the Garden

Bananas are an awesome food.  They taste great, help with muscular recovery, and come packaged in fertilizer.  That peel that your banana comes in is itself food, for your garden.  If you have a compost pile you are probably already adding your kitchen waste, but if you are like most people you slack on taking it out if it’s cold, or wet, or late, and so forth.  But after looking at some of the benefits banana peels provide to your garden you might be a little more willing to make an effort to be strict in your peel collection for your compost and garden.



Topping the list of nutrient benefits found in banana peels is potassium.  Potassium in one of the “big three” nutrients plants need most.  It is necessary for good root health and strong cell walls.  Having healthy potassium levels in your soil will allow your plants to become more resistant to drought, disease, and pests.


Next on the list of nutrients banana peels offer is another one of the “big three”, phosphorus.  Phosphorus is one of the nutrients your plants need for production of your food.  Plants use phosphorus in growing new shoots, fruit, and seeds.  Like potassium, it also contributes to root health and therefore overall plant health.


Banana peels also contain calcium.  Calcium is necessary for plants to transfer other nutrients throughout the plant body.  If your soil is deficient in calcium your plants will not even be able to benefit from the nutrients that your soil does have.


 Last, but certainly not least, is magnesium.  Magnesium is used by plants in the production of chlorophyll which makes photosynthesis possible.  Without magnesium plants would not be able to get their energy from the sun, effectively starving them.


Few foods come packaged in such beneficial fertilizer.  Don’t let any of it go to waste, whether you apply your peels directly to the garden or put them in your compost, make sure your plants aren’t missing out on all of these beneficial nutrients.

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