Ways to Earn Money From Homesteading

Homesteading is sustainable, self-sufficient and rewarding. But it’s also not free! Unfortunately, in our modern economy, there’s so much more involved in running a homestead than simply working the land and feeding your family. Especially if you are a new homesteader, costs can pile up and it can really help to find a way to not just save money by homesteading, but earn money back on your hard work and labor.

Even if you are an urban homesteader, there are still many creative ways you can earn money from homesteading! Here are a list of some of the easiest ways to bring prophet to your homestead project.

Eggs: this is classic of course, but if you’ve got prolific layers, you can probably make a nice return on your investment into raising chickens by selling farm fresh eggs. You can sell to friends, at your farmer’s market or even through local buy/sell groups on Facebook

Chickens: If you have quite a few chickens, you can sell them at various stages. As chicks, as laying hens, or even full-grown broilers.

Preserves: if you like to can or make preserves, why not bring some to the farmer’s market?

Sell young: Whenever your goats, pigs, rabbits, or cows have babies, you can sell them! You can keep your milking animals in fresh milk every year and make some money on the side this way!

Honey/Beeswax: Beekeeping is a wonderful way to help the environment and make some extra money. You can sell raw honey, which is a coveted health food, or make and sell candles with the beeswax!

Fresh or dried herbs: herbs are typically easy and cheap to grow and require minimal care and overhead. They’re easy to harvest and process and you can sell fresh or dried bunches.

Seedlings: starting seedlings in 2″ pots in the springtime to sell as seedlings is a great way to earn some extra money, especially if they are organic and heirloom

Rent land: if you have extra land you are not using, you can rent out parts of it for hay, pasture or farming

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