Stay Safe on the Homestead

People eventually get into a routine. They do things without thinking about it because they’ve done them so many times in the past. This happens in every aspect of life, and the homestead is certainly not immune. However, this has the potential to be quite problematic, as it doesn’t exactly promote safety. If you aren’t careful, you could make some dangerous or costly mistakes. The following are a couple of simple tips you will want to employ to help reduce the risks.

First, you always need to understand the dangers of any equipment used on the homestead. This includes mowers, tractors, chippers, and anything else that you use. You always need to pay attention to the machine. Never, no matter how tempting it might be, just hop off a tractor to open a gate. Turn the tractor off first, and then open the gate. Know how to use any equipment before you use it, and only use it in the appropriate manner.

Second, remember that your animals have teeth, and they may bite. Even your animals that seem docile could bite, so use precautions around them. This is especially true with goats, which seem to like to chew on anything, including you if your hand gets in the way. Here’s another safety tip to remember with animals, particularly the large ones. If you are putting them on a lead, don’t wrap the lead around your hand. If they were to take off, it could break your hand or arm. At the very least, it will leave you sore.

Third, don’t wear headphones while you are doing chores around the homestead. It can be tempting, but you won’t hear all the things you need to hear on the farm, such as animals in trouble, equipment that’s not running properly, and people calling to you. Be careful and use your common sense.

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