Stock Your Fishing Pond

If you have a pond on your property, or you are considering building a man-made pond for the property, you might want to stock it with fish. First, you need to make sure that it is capable of sustaining fish though. You must create a pond that is as natural as possible, so it has the right level of oxygen to sustain fish. Keep in mind that ponds that are too shallow will not have enough oxygen in them over the winter, and the fish will die.

When stocking a pond, you need to make sure that you are using fish that are common to the area and that will thrive. This is true whether it is a new or older pond you are stocking. If you are stocking an older pond, know the type of fish and their condition before you add any more to the mix.

Why would you want to have a stocked pond on your property? Once you’ve stocked a pond, so long as it is large enough and healthy enough, it can sustain itself and the life within it. This means you can have access to fresh fish without needing to leave the property. It’s also quite a bit of fun just to head on down to your own fishing hole rather than having to take a drive or a hike to catch some fish.

To stock the pond, you will likely have to go through a commercial source for the initial fish. As long as they take to the pond, the fish should start to breed on their own, and it should become self-sustaining. If you catch some fish from another location that you don’t plan on eating, and they are the same type of fish as in the pond, you can always add some more stock that way too.

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