Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Garden

To assure that the plants in your garden thrive, there are several mistakes you should avoid when setting up your garden. Getting things right from the start can save you time and money and eliminate a lot of stress and frustration.

Determine the size

Ambition is a wonderful thing, but being overly ambitious and planting a garden that is too large for you to manage is a mistake you want to avoid. Deciding how much time and energy you have to devote to maintaining a garden should be the basis for determining its size.

Choosing a location

Most vegetables require a considerable amount of sunlight to thrive. Therefore, you need to observe the area you have available for setting up a garden and select a sunny location for it. You also need to consider how well water drains from the area. If you’re choosing your garden spot during the winter or early spring, keep in mind that any trees nearby will shade the garden once their leaves reappear.

Planning the layout

To have the most success with your gardening endeavor, you should plan the layout before you begin buying seeds or plants. You need to know what plants need to be staked, which ones need a trellis or fence to climb on and which plants can be used as companion plants or as a source of shade for other plants.


It’s a mistake to plant anything before you properly prepare the soil. Loosen the soil and add compost and fertilizer as soon as the weather in your area permits. You can get kits to test your soil to see if you need to add specific before you begin planting.


If you simply buy some seeds and put them in the ground without reading the planting information on the container, you could make several mistakes. The packet will tell you when to plant the seeds. It also provides information on planting depth and tells you the amount of sunlight the plant needs. It’s also important that you read the planting and care instructions for whatever plants you purchase for your garden. Buying anything other than healthy looking plants is a mistake. You want to set your garden up so it has the best opportunity to produce the highest yield possible.


It is definitely a mistake to set your garden up assuming that you won’t have any problems with wildlife. You should go ahead and plan to add the proper type of fencing to keep deer, rabbits and other animals out of your garden. If you prefer not to add a fence around your garden, you’ll need to explore some alternative methods such as planting a border around your garden using plants, such as marigolds, which deter animals from eating your vegetable plants. Scarecrows are not just decorative objects in a garden. They can provide protection, but most likely, when setting up your garden, you’ll need to take additional measures to win the battle against furry and feathered invaders.

If you avoid these common mistakes, you will enjoy your garden more, all without worrying about every little issue that may arise.

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