Avoid Homesteading Mistakes

Whether you are new to homesteading, or you’ve been homesteading for years, you know there are always things you could do better and ways that you could improve. You also know that it is possible to make some costly mistakes if you aren’t careful. Let’s look at some of the biggest mistakes homesteaders make so you don’t fall victim to them.

Not Having a Plan

This is one of the biggest problems facing brand new homesteaders. They have the desire and they’ve started to acquire the skills, but they simply don’t take the time to put together an actual plan of how they are going from their current life into the homesteading life. They jump in with both feet and before they know it, they find that they’ve landed in quicksand because they didn’t plan for every eventuality. You have to slow down, think long-term, and have a plan.

Start Slowly

Along the same lines, many people try to start too big. They go from living in the suburbs with a flower garden to living on a farm with several acres to care for, chickens, goats, and a massive field of crops. You have to start small and work your way up as your skills and confidence increase.


The goal of homesteading should be to save money. However, many new homesteaders are overspending when they are getting started. They think they need to have brand new equipment and the “best of the best”. You don’t. Have a budget and work within it.

Not Learning and Acquiring Skills

Before you become a homesteader, you need to research and learn different skills. If you are going to raise goats, you need to know all about goats. If you are going to make candles, you need to know everything it takes to make candles. You can build on your skills later, but you don’t want to start when you know absolutely nothing. Increase your knowledge and then start homesteading.

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