Simple Homemade Paleo Mayonnaise (Video)

Mayonnaise is a condiment staple that most houses stay well-stocked in. However, most store-bought mayonnaise, even the “natural” kind, is made from either unhealthy, caloric, “bad fat” oils, GMO soy ingredients, or both. Mayonnaise used to be something most homes made from scratch, and it is really quite simple to make your own, and requires ingredients you most likely already have!

If the “paleo” part of this recipe sounds gross to you, don’t worry! “Paleo” mayonnaise is really no different than regular homemade mayonnaise. There are sometimes variations on this classic recipe, but it will taste no different than the mayonnaise you’re used to. Well, not necessarily: it might taste way better!

Here’s a great video instructional on how to make this basic recipe. Enjoy!

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