DIY Starter Containers

Whether or not you grow in containers, it’s nice to start some crops on tables, or even indoors.  But for every plant that you end up transplanting into the ground, you could have started 10 or more that never made the cut.  That means that if you are going to start crops in containers, you are going to need a lot of starter pots, and can add up quickly.  Here are some ways that you can make starter pots from material that you already have and might even be throwing away.


Egg Cartons

An egg carton can provide a dozen little starter pots.  The carton should be left intact when starting, with only a small hole poked in the bottom of each depression.  Potting soil can be added until it is level with the outside of the carton.  When you want to transplant, you can cut each section free with scissors and plant the seedling in the ground while still in the carton, the carton will decompose without inhibiting growth.

Toilet Paper Rolls

While it may take longer to acquire a dozen toilet paper rolls than it does to go through a dozen eggs, you can still save them and use them to start in.  Toilet paper rolls are great for starting cuttings rather than seeds, for crops like comfrey or cholesterol spinach.  They too can be planted in the ground without removing the plant from the container.

Soda Cans

Pop cans for those that don’t say soda, but same thing.  The cans can be cut in two, holes can be made in the sides of what was previously the bottom of the can for drainage since the bottom is pretty thick.  The top doesn’t need this since it has an opening.  Be careful when using these since the sides can be sharp.


Before going out and spending $30 or more on starter pots, try some of these to save a little money.  Gardening should not be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be if you improvise.

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