Building a Natural First Aid Kit

On the homestead, one is subject to bumps, bruises, rashes, and other maladies and injuries. It’s very important to have a well-stocked first aid kit. But what about the homesteader who wants more natural, holistic options for home remedies, rather than simply OTC medicine that might be expensive and hard to stock up on for people who live in the country?

Here is a simple list on how to get started restocking your first aid kit. There are so many wonderful DIY natural remedies available these days (thank you, Pinterest!) it can be almost overwhelming to know which natural remedies to stock up on. So this list will help you figure out what will work best for your needs.

1. Take inventory

If you already have a first aid kit or first aid items scattered around the house, gather them all together and see what you have. What have you used recently? Which items do you find particularly helpful? What items have you had since the first Bush presidency? What items are useful, but might have harmful parabens or petroleum products in them? Also, think about the herbs and plants you have on your property and in your garden that might have healing properties of their own.

2. Reduce, reuse, and find replacements

Throw away old, expired, and unused items. Keep what you like and see if anything needs replenishing. Items like band-aids, gauze, and medical tape are great to keep a healthy stock of, especially if you live far away from stores at which they can be purchased. If you have items you like but maybe would like to find natural alternatives, set them aside for emergencies and make a list of the injuries or issues they address and research healthy and safe alternatives. If you are a Pinterest user, make a board just for natural remedy ideas.

3. Plan ahead

Think about the first aid emergencies you’re most concerned about on the homestead. Issues like splinters, rashes, sunburns, cuts, scrapes, and common colds and flus are probably going to be at the top of your list. Then add to your list or Pinterest board possible natural remedies that will help with these. The simpler the better, and anything that works double-duty is great. For instance, coconut oil and aloe are great for anything skin-related, raw honey is a multi-purpose antibiotic and cold remedy, activated charcoal can help with stomach issues, skin issues and to pull out splinters, etc.

4. Create

Get started making some of the remedies for issues you’re already dealing with. You’d be surprised how long a jar of homemade herbal salve can last, for example. You don’t have to make everything all at once, just try to plan for some all-natural remedy ingredients that you can stock up on to make what you need when you need it.




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