Woodstove Accessories

Having a wood stove is great, not only for heating your house but also for an alternative cooking method when utilities are down.  Woodstoves can save a lot of money on heating bills, even compared to fireplaces.  But having a woodstove alone won’t offer you the same benefits that you could have if you also have the right accessories to go along with your woodstove.  Here are a few examples that could really help you out.


  1. Flu Damper

Having a flu damper will allow you to control the flow of the heated gasses coming out of your woodstove.  This will give you much more control of the temperature and burn rate.

  1. Stove Top Thermometer

A stove top thermometer will let you know if you are burning too cold, too hot, or just right.  This is not only important for efficiency, but also for safety.  Burning too cold will increase creosote build up, burning too hot will increase the risk of chimney fire and will deteriorate your stove much faster.

  1. Thermal Activated Fan

This accessory isn’t cheap, they run about $100.  But with a thermal activated fan on your stove top, you can have a whole house of hot air without adding to your electric bill or creating a draft.  They require no power other than the heat from your stove, and they will spread the hot air around your home.

  1. Indoor Wood Storage

Whether you have a purely utilitarian version, or something more decorative, you are going to want to be able to store at least enough kindling and wood for one fire indoors.  If all your wood is outside it can get damp in bad weather and you will need to go out in the cold to get it when you need it most.


If you have a woodstove without any of these accessories you are missing out on the full benefits to be had from this great device.

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