Tips for Better Tomatoes

Homegrown tomatoes taste a far cry better than anything you will find at the grocery store. You know exactly what’s in your soil and what you are putting on the plant, so you don’t have to worry about pesticides getting you or your family sick. Here are some quick and simple tips you can use to improve the tomatoes in your garden.

Plant Deep

First, you always want to make sure you are planting your tomatoes as deeply as possible, without having any of the leaves touch the ground. This way, the plant will produce a stronger root system, which can increase the moisture content, since the plants are taking in more water. Another reason to plant deep is so the roots can better hold the plant in place in the event of a bad storm or wind.

Remove the Lower Leaves

Once your plants have started to grow and reach about two feet high, it’s a good idea to remove the lower leaves. This allows the nutrients to promote growth higher up in the plant. The leaves at the bottom, which wouldn’t be getting much sunshine anyway, are essentially useless, so there is no harm in removing them.

Use Mulch

Using mulch with your tomatoes will help you to conserve water. In addition, it will keep the soil warm and help to foster a strong root system. Another one of the benefits of using mulch is that it can help to prevent diseases in the plant.

Tomato Cages

Using tomato cages can help ensure your plants don’t topple over. Once a plant starts to grow and develop fruit, it can get top heavy. Using the cage ensures it stays upright and continues to grow. Another one of the benefits is that the stalks are under less stress, which means bigger tomatoes.

These are some simple tips you can start using the next time you plant your tomatoes. Happy harvesting!

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