Natural Antibiotics That Are Better Than a Perscription

This time of year there are all kinds of bugs in the air, and you’re bound to get sick sooner or later. A lot of people will rush right to the doctor to get antibiotics if they suspect an infection, and antibiotics certainly are amazing miracles of modern medicine.

But they can also be harmful to your immune system and will wreak havoc on your gut bacteria, which are necessary for a healthy body. Rather than resort to antibiotics right away, why not try some natural antibiotics first? These are some great options for natural remedies of all kind, and you’ll recognize most of them from other posts on natural remedies and healing.

They are better than prescriptions for infections because they’re cheaper, they’re natural, whole, you can find them at your local grocery store, and they do not have the harmful side effects of anitbiotics. Stock up on some of these this winter to stay healthy and get over sickness fast!

1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is good for almost everything. Most people don’t like the taste, and it is quite intense for sure. But this fermented superfood is amazing for killing bacteria and balancing the immune system. You can put in water, juice, or tea, or simply incorporate with your food over salad or in sauces, as you would vinegar.

2. Raw Honey

Raw honey is a powerful antibiotic, with natural properties that fight bacteria and illness. It also has beneficial prebiotics that regular gut flora, so even if you are taking prescription antibiotics, you could take raw honey in addition to support your digestive system.

3. Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil has been very popular in recent years, for good reason! It contains powerful acids that can kill bacteria and regulate the immune system and gut flora (noticing a pattern here? Gut flora health matters!). The healthy fat found in coconut oil is also great for you, and together with the natural antibiotic properties of coconut oil can help fight infection, both inside the body and externally!

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