How to Get Vitamin D in the Winter

Our main source of essential immune-boosting Vitamin D is from the sun, so naturally, in winter time, it can be hard to get enough. This is a likely cause of increased colds and flus during the winter time. Vitamin D not only keeps you healthy, it is also important for healthy bones, teeth, hair, nails and eyesight, and helps regulate mood and hormones too.

To make sure you get enough vitamin D during cold and flu season, here are some tips:

Seek the sun

The sun is always the best source of vitamin D, so while you might not spend as much time outside because it is colder, you can still harness it’s health benefits. When it is sunny, open your curtains and try to spend time in direct sunlight, as much as you can. If you live in very dark places or get days on end of storm and clouds, you can purchase sun lamps that will help a bit too.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil sounds gross, but it’s a great source of vitamin D. You can take it in a pill form so you don’t have to taste it, or buy as a liquid oil to either take straight or hide in foods. Fermented cod liver oil is even healthier.

Eat Fish

Fish is a great source of vitamin D, and something that’s still relatively easy to find in the grocery store for good prices in the winter time. If you get canned fish, save the oil!


There are vitamin D supplements you can take for a quick and easy source of vitamin D. Just make sure you’re getting something that is from whole foods and not synthetic, so you can get the maximum amount of nutrients.

Eat Eggs

Eggs, especially egg yokes, are great sources of vitamin D. Egg whites have lots of protein and so people often assume the yoke is unhealthy due to it’s higher fat content, but it is an amazing source of vitamins and nutrients, and a very healthy way to get vitamin D.

Drink Fortified Milk

Fortified milk isn’t the most whole and natural way to get vitamin D, but these days, most milk is fortified with a vitamin D supplement, and milk has some vitamin D naturally occurring in it as well. If you’ve got a picky child who won’t eat the above-mentioned foods or supplements, some fortified milk can’t hurt.

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