Tips to Save Money in the Garden

One of the big benefits of growing a garden is that your grocery expenses are less when you grow your own vegetables, berries and herbs. There are numerous tips you can implement to save money in the garden. By becoming a frugal gardener, you will increase the financial benefits your garden offers.

Some of the money saving tips related to gardening involves the plants themselves. Starting plants from seeds enables you to get more plants for less money than if you bought individual plants. However, if you don’t have the proper setup for starting with seeds, go ahead and buy the plants. When you purchase plants, the cost is often determined by the size of the plant. You can save money by purchasing small plants and exercising a little patience as you wait for them to grow.

If you start plants from seeds or buy packs of small plants, you may have more of one variety than you actually need. This gives you a good excuse to participate in a plant swap with neighbors, friends or family who also grow a garden. Swapping plants is a good way to acquire some different varieties of plants without spending money. Plant cuttings or plants from the division of perennials is a good way to acquire free plants. You could also participate in a seed swap as a way to expand the diversity of your garden with no out-of-pocket cost.

Although waiting may be difficult, it’s best not to purchase plants as soon as they begin to appear at the local garden center in early spring. Prices will be lower if you wait until those who are over-eager have time to buy the first few shipments of plants. In many areas, springtime weather is unpredictable. An unexpected cold snap could kill your new plants and you would end up having to spend money to buy replacement plants. Once you’re finished with your spring planting, keep an eye on what’s left at the garden centers. Most likely, as summer progresses the remaining plants will be reduced as much as 50% or more. You can inexpensively plant a late summer garden that will give you the opportunity to enjoy fresh vegetables until cold weather arrives.

Garden tools typically go on sale at the end of summer. This is a good time to replace your worn out garden tools or to add to your collection. Due to the increased interest in gardening, you are likely to see garden tool sets, garden accessories and various other garden related products featured in gift sets during the holidays. You could add gardening items to your holiday wish list or shop for bargains at post-holiday sales.
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