30 Items to Purge in the New Year for a Clutter-Free Homestead

For homesteaders, there’s a lot of things that are great to hoard and keep a good stock of. However, like any household, there are also often things that pile up and just create clutter and mess. If you’d like to keep a well-ordered homestead with plenty of room for a good stash of supplies, it’s important to purge as well. Also, if you live off-grid or in a semi-wilderness setting, clutter can attract pests and bugs that you might want to deter, so reducing clutter can have a lot of benefits there as well.

Since New Years is coming up, if you are wanting to clean out your home this year, here are some great items to purge to reduce clutter. Maybe pick one item each week to go through your home and toss out!

  1. Old wrapping paper
  2. Old phones
  3. Undeveloped film
  4. Broken Christmas lights
  5. Socks with no mate
  6. Broken tools
  7. Rusted tools
  8. Frayed rope
  9. Used weed eater string
  10. Broken buckets
  11. Expired food
  12. Rusted canned food
  13. Expired medicine
  14. Old electronics
  15. Worn out sheets
  16. Worn out towels
  17. Reusable shopping bags
  18. Plastic shopping bags
  19. Old paperwork
  20. Expired animal feed
  21. Broken lamps or light bulbs
  22. Pots and pans that are never used
  23. Broken dishware
  24. Old toys
  25. Toys with missing parts
  26. Clothes that don’t fit
  27. Worn out shoes
  28. Empty containers
  29. Unread books
  30. Dried out pens or markers

There are some items on this list that you might be able to repurpose for something else, but make sure it’s realistic that you’ll actually take on these projects, and organize these items well so that they’re not just continuing to take up space that you could use for something else. Place them somewhere you will see them and remember to use them, organize them in a way that it is easy to grab what you need (instead of digging around your storage container), and make a list of your repurpose projects to do throughout the year.

A clean and orderly homestead is so much more functional, so happy purging in the New Year!

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