Getting the Garden Ready for Spring Now  

Just because you don’t have a garden, or if yours is covered in snow and not producing, doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do now to get ready for next season.  Getting ready now will help you start early and thereby increase the length of your growing season and with it, the amount of food you are able to produce next year.  Here are a few things you can do now to be ready early for next spring.

  • Start shopping now for deals on spring crop seeds. The longer you wait, the more uniformity you will see in rising costs for spring crops.
  • Prepare the area that you are going to grow in. If you don’t have a garden now you can cover the area in cardboard before putting your raised bed frame and dirt on top.  This will be much easier this time of year than when the grass is growing.  If you have a garden already you can mulch it heavily to keep the soil as warm as possible and add organic matter.
  • Building a starter box will allow you to start spring crops earlier indoors where it is warmer.
  • Budget now for items that you will use during next growing season, items like bird net, stakes, irrigation supplies, material to build cold protection. Purchasing these items in the winter will help spread out the cost of gardening, making it easier to budget for.

Getting done whatever you can now, even if it is small well help save time and energy later.  For most of us, those are the two most limiting factors in gardening, so anything you can do to get more of them in the growing season is a big head start.

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