Crops that can Earn you Money on your Homestead  


When most people think of growing crops to earn money on their homestead, they think of growing extra vegetables to sell to their friends, neighbors, or at local farmer’s markets.  While there are plenty of people who do make extra money through this, it can be difficult to produce enough fruit and vegetables for you and your family let alone enough that you have extra to sell.  These are just a few plants that I have personally seen grown easily in small, backyard operations that earned money.



Vegetables, especially fruiting vegetables can be difficult to produce in mass on a small scale.  However, herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, and lemongrass can easily be produced and propagated.  They can be sold to local health-food stores, at farmer’s markets as fresh herbs, or even as starts so people can grow their own.


While it will take time for citrus trees to mature and produce large amounts of fruit, in the meantime you can enjoy the smaller harvests for yourself.  And when they do produce large amounts, it is easier to harvest and get to market than other fruit that spoils or bruises easily.  Their think skin also makes them less susceptible to pest damage.


Ornamentals are not without their practical benefits.  They can draw pollinators, some repel pests, and they offer some biodiversity in the garden which also decreases pests.  They can also be sold, and many can be propagated and grown easily.  If you are thinking of growing ornamental flowers for profit, I would suggest looking into what grows best in your area that can be propagated through bulbs or cuttings, as this is nearly effortless and you will suffer less loss of product than with plants that produce through seed.  If you can become regular enough in your production, local stores may want a steady supply of starts which can be a great source of income in the growing season.


These are by no means the only ways that you can make money through produce on your homestead, they are just the ways that I have seen used most successfully with the least amount of overhead.

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One comment on “Crops that can Earn you Money on your Homestead  

  1. Thank you so much.
    Have 32 acres, some good, some rocky/junk 26 miles west/north of Spokane. Rocky can be good for – grapes. Need to keep ag land status for taxes, but am 70 years old and housemate does nothing to help, so it is up to me.
    My stepson grows organic at my mobile home in Oregon in a mobile park. The neighbors love him.
    Keep up the good work and thanks again.

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