5 Ways to Increase Your Garden’s Productivity  


If your garden just isn’t meeting your expectations or productivity don’t get discouraged, there are plenty of things that you can do that can increase your production of food this coming growing season.  Here is a list of 5 things you can do that will increase the amount of food you can produce in your garden.



Interplanting different crops together (not all crops grow well together so check individual crops for what will work and what will pose its own problems) will allow you to grow more food in the same space.  The “3 sister” method is a great example of this, starting corn, then adding pole beans to climb corn stalks, and lastly adding pumpkin or squash which will crawl over the ground.

Organic Mulch

Using organic material to mulch with, such as wood chips, comfrey leaves, or even cardboard, will not only keep soil moist and reduce the amount of weeds that compete with your crops but it will also help to build and amend soil as it breaks down.


Growing under the protection of cover will protect crops from the cold.  This will allow you to both start gardening earlier in the year, and to grow longer.  Lengthening the amount of time that you can produce food will result in a larger amount of food being produced even if all other factors remain the same.

Soil Tests

Testing your soil will help remove the guess work out of treating your plants health issues.  Sometimes even pest problems can be solved by addressing a nutrient deficiency in the soil.

Perineal Crops

Selecting crops that do not require being planted again will increase the amount of time that that patch of soil is producing food by completely eliminating the time that you wait for the plant to mature, go to seed so you can grow it again, and the time the soil must be left fallow between crops.


Don’t let an under producing garden get you down, put these tips to use and your production level is sure to rise year after year.

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