How to Cultivate the Homesteader Mindset

Let’s be honest. People like the simple things in life. They enjoy when things are nice and easy, and if given a choice between an easy path that leads to an average life and a more rigorous path that leads to true joy, people will take the easy path.

They live the fast food lifestyle. Everything is instant. People gorge themselves on Netflix and never bother getting out and having real adventures any longer. They have forgotten how to do many simple things. It’s a shame. You do not have to live that way though, and since you are interested in homesteading, you are already starting out on the more rigorous and more interesting path.

Those who want a challenge, and who want to learn to become more self-sufficient, will want to learn more about homesteading. However, it does take a very different mindset to become a homesteader. Things are more difficult, and you need to work harder, and this is where most people fail in the first year of being a homesteader. They like the idea of it, but they lack the discipline.

You need to take time even before you are a homesteader to start cultivating the mindset. You need to start learning how to do without certain things that you might want, such as fast food, easy access to the Internet, and instant entertainment. You need to learn the joy in watching the sunset and staring up at the stars at night, or sitting in front of a fireplace. You also need to learn the joy of working hard on your homestead. When you do this, you are changing out the elements in your life that provide that dopamine effect of happiness in your brain.

Once you have successfully changed your mindset and realized that you do not need to have all of those useless luxuries, you will be much happier.


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