Root Cellar Storm Shelter (Video)

I love things that have multiple purposes, and this root cellar storm shelter really takes the cake. A root cellar is definitely on the top of my list of features on a dream homestead, and for many locations in the US, having a root cellar that could double as a storm shelter is beyond ideal.

We get more and more crazy every year, and no matter where you live, it’s very important to have a secure location that you can weather the storm out from. Not only will this underground root cellar and shelter provide safety and security, it would be already stocked with everything you need!

I am definitely super inspired by this video and hope you will be too. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Root Cellar Storm Shelter (Video)

  1. I really enjoy your posts. They are very informative. Thanks for reaching out to the world to make this a better place to live for all of us.

  2. What you showed was very interesting, but I wish you had at least told us how you got the hole in the ground to line with the blocks — in other words, what went before installing the steps and doors. You seem to have a small hill with a fair amount of slope, which seems ideal. Did you use heavy equipment to dig a hole or have a crew with shovels or ???? What would you recommend for a far shallower slope?

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