Tips for Growing More Apples  


Apples are one of the most popular fruits, pretty much everyone loves an apple.  But they aren’t always easy to grow, at least not successfully.  Here are a few tips to increase the quality and quantity of your apple yields.


  • Young apple trees are much more susceptible to damage from disease and the wind. Protect young trees by supporting them with trellis or tree stakes (that are wide enough that they do not impact that roots) to protect them from wind damage, and removing all blossoms in wet weather to protect them from diseases like fire blight.
  • If you have a healthy tree that doesn’t produce well, consider grafting so that you can take advantage of a well-established healthy root system and get faster productivity.
  • Use drip irrigation instead of sprinklers to reduce the amount of moisture that blossoms and fruit are exposed to.
  • Remove all but one apple from a bunch so that you will have larger, more healthy apples. It’s better to have less apples that are nice to eat, than more apples that have rotten spots on them.
  • Keep your trees pruned. This will help protect them from damage from the wind and overburdening with too much fruit on long branches.  Remove any portion of the tree that has curled or discolored leaves to reduce the impact of disease.
  • Mulch your trees with a thick layer of aged wood chips to combat weeds, but make sure that the chips do not touch the trunk of the tree.
  • Never leave fallen fruit on the ground since it will attract pests like fruit flies and even mice or rats that might burrow into the root zone of the tree.

Apples don’t have to be difficult to grow or bought from the store, keep these tips in mind and produce all you need yourself in your own backyard.

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