Better Beans for Your Garden

Gardening is a part of homesteading, and one of the best types of vegetables to grow is beans. They are a healthy choice and you have plenty of options. Green beans, for example, taste great fresh and raw, as well as cooked. It is possible to can them and save them, and you will find that they are a great, healthy side for just about anything you are cooking. Of course, you can’t forget the deliciousness of a green bean casserole, too. However, if you want to have a great yield of healthy beans, you need to know how to grow them the right way. The following are some simple tips you can use.

No Seedlings or Transplants

You might be tempted to start the seeds out of the garden, or even to buy beans that have already started. However, you will find that using transplants and seedlings in the garden will not often have the best results. Instead, you will find more luck when you sow the seeds directly into the ground. Before you sow the seeds, though, make sure the soil temperature is at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soak the Beans

On the night before you plant the seeds, soak them in water at room temperature. You should soak them overnight. Doing this can help to make the germination occur faster. However, it is a good idea to check the weather beforehand. If you find that you have some rain in the forecast in the next week, do not soak the seeds. Having too much water could kill them.

Rotate the Crops

You know that rotating your crops each year is a good choice. You will find that planting beans is a good option because it can help to put nitrogen in the soil. In addition, when you rotate them, you should plant them in the area where you planted items such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli the year before.

Prepare Poles for the Beans

There are two types of beans – pole and bush variety. When you buy the seeds, the packaging will tell you whether you have the pole or bush style. If you have beans that grow on a bush, you will not have to do anything to support the weight of the plant. It supports itself naturally. However, if you have pole beans, you will need to place poles in the soil, so the vine runners can grab onto it and climb. You could use wires or strings connected between poles, a trellis, or doweling rods. You can experiment to find the option that works best for you.

Beware the Birds

When your beans first start to sprout, they will be very tempting for birds. They will sometimes pull out the sprouts as soon as they poke through the soil. To combat this problem. You can run a string down the row, placed about two inches over the area where the beans will sprout. Once the bean plants are a couple of inches high, you can remove the string.

Each year that you grow beans, you will learn new tricks and tips to employ that will work for your land and your beans.

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