Pineapples are a fruit that requires some patience to grow, but not much else.  If you buy pineapples from the store and have a spare container lying around you already have everything you need to grow your own pineapples.  Here are some simple instructions for how you can grow delicious pineapples in your backyard garden.


  1. When you cut up a pineapple to eat it, save the top section with leaves. Remove all of the sweet flesh from the top, any leftover flesh will rot while you are trying to root it and will hinder the rooting process.
  2. Place the top, with all flesh removed, in a container with water so that the bottom of it is submerged. Change the water every day or so until you have roots about an inch long.
  3. Transplant the rooted pineapple top into a container (or if you live in a warm enough zone that never sees frost you can put it in the ground). You should use a container that is at least 10 gallons.  Since the pineapple leaves are spiky, you won’t want to be reaching in a weeding it out later so mulch it well.
  4. Pineapples like rich soil with plenty of drainage. Make sure to add cinders or perlite to help promote easy drainage.
  5. Give your pineapple all the sun that you can and water it regularly. It will need to be composted every growing season and may take more than 2 years to produce its first fruit.
  6. After your pineapple has fruited, you can further propagate it by using the top of the new fruit, and the plant should produce a new growth that can be rooted. You can remove it carefully to root it, or you can first bury it and water it until it produces roots in place.

Pineapples are not for the impatient gardener, but they are easy to grow and provide a unique look to your garden that can be complemented by planting succulents and aloe around them.

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