How to Choose Your Bug Out Spot

If you’re not yet homesteading and would like to be more prepared for survival situations, you naturally want to have a bug out location ready just in case something happens. However, not just any spot will do. If the world starts to go south, you need to have a good and secure location that you can retreat to and where you will be able to survive for as long as needed.

You have to put in some thought when it comes to choosing the location. You have to think about the security of that location for starters. How easy is it for other people – people you would not want to be at the spot – to get there and find the location? How easily defendable is the location?

In addition, you have to think about the survivability aspect of that location. Even though you might have a lot of food and water stored right now, if you have to survive for a long time, the supplies will dwindle. Is it an area where you will be able to hunt and fish? Will you be able to start and maintain a garden? What is the weather like? You need to consider all of these different things when it comes to your bug out location.

Look at the pros and the cons of the different areas you are considering. When you do this, you also have to think about the distance from your current location to the bug out location. Will you need to drive there? Will you be able to walk and hike there? You need to know how long it will take both ways. Even if you think you will be driving, you have to prepare for the worst and that means hiking into the location. Understand how long it is going to take and whether it is feasible.

Do not make a rush judgment when it comes to choosing your spot. Take the time to find the best place for you and your loved ones so you can remain safe.


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  1. If the world starts to go north, I like many others have no where to go so I’m staying put and giving it my best shot at survival.

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