How to Conquer Winter on the Homestead

When the winter comes, it can start to feel lonely and overwhelming on the homestead. You have plenty of extra things to think about, worry about, and do to keep the house running properly and to make sure that you and the family stay warm, healthy, and happy through those long winter months. Whether this is your first winter in the home or you have been doing this for years, it can feel oppressive at times, especially when things seem to go wrong. You are a homesteader though, and you can handle anything. Let’s look at some tips that can make winter easier to handle.

What if you have a lock that froze? This is a common problem, and people have tried to figure out ways to deal with the issue for a long time. Some have resorted to plugging in a hair dryer with an extension cord and trying to warm up the lock that way. Fortunately, there is an easier and faster way. You can use a lighter to heat the key and then insert the key into the lock. This will melt the ice. It might take some time, but it will work.

You do not want to get your vehicle snowed in and unable to move. You can keep some sand or kitty litter handy to sprinkle under the tires to help provide some additional traction. Another good option is to have some extra car mats. You can place these under the tires to get that extra tractions, too.

The winter feels a lot nicer when you are able to keep warm. Wear warm clothing. Put some plastic sandwich bags over your socks before putting them into boots. This will help to waterproof them. Also, have plenty of hot chocolate on hand for those days when it just feels too cold out to do much of anything. You can get through the winter no matter how cold it gets.

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